Foam Insulation in Commercial Spaces

foam-insulation-contractor-3There are so  many uses for spray foam that we’d thought it our responsibility to list them out for you. Because if your in business you will probably build something and you should know all the great uses for foam insulation in commercial spaces.

There’s a simple one which everyone forgets, and I was reminded of recently when a company opted to build out a conference room. The room had new drywall walls and nothing in between! The result of course is echo sounds and vibrations, enough to tolerate a nice dose of injection foam into the room walls.

There’s actually so many uses, take a small warehouse made of steel. It’s inexpensive to construct on a parcel of land, but difficult to insulate. If it were yesteryear we would nowadays see hanging insulation from the roof’s ceiling. Or worse yet there might not be any insulation! Insert: Spray Foam Insulation! A smart choice for warehouses, steel frame buildings and so many more application.

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